Benefits of Ultra Cavitation

Weight Loss without surgery

Ultra cavitation, which is otherwise known as non surgical liposuction, is the most effective method of removing fat from the cellulite areas, with effects that are very similar to those of traditional liposuction surgery. In addition to this, ultra cavitation is based on low frequency waves, which are form small gas bubbles called cavitational bubbles that play a major role in contributing to the reduction of fat cell membranes. In the end, fat is absorbed by the lymph and drained through the lymphatic system.

Cellulite is a disorder caused by a hypodermic unaesthetic medical condition. The degeneration of fat tissue occurs as a result of hypertrophy, which is nothing more than an increase in the fat cell volume, combined with water retention and stagnation of fluid in the intercellular spaces.

The adipose tissue should be able to satisfy the body requirements at all times. As a consequence, a good preservation of microcirculation and fat mass, as well as a normal distribution of fat molecules are very important. Cellulite is also caused as a result of the alteration of the most important metabolic functions of the body.

What are the benefits of ultra cavitation?

From the start, ultra cavitation helps to reshape the adipose tissue and reintegrates the body. In addition to this, the fat will be visibly reduced after a very short recovery process. The risk of cellulite nodules appearance is completely removed, while the subcutaneous tissue is oxygenated. During treatment, a more or less intense sound can be heard by the patient.

Who can undergo ultra cavitation?

Ultra cavitation addresses everyone, with some minor restrictions. For example, it is not suitable for patients with heart problems or those suffering from vascular diseases. The treatment has a fixed number of sessions, then further consulation about other treatments are discussed.

Ultra Cavitation helps you lose weight even faster when used with Infrared Treatment:

If you are looking to lose some weight real quick and you need the most effective methods, the effectiveness of the combination of ultra cavitation and infrared therapy will have you jaw-dropped. Ultra Cavitation helps you lose weight, and so does Infra Therapy ; what do you think will happen when the duo are combined? You lose those fat even quicker!

Usage for Weight Loss with Ultra Cavitation :

Customers trying to lose some weight will go in the Infra-therapy for 30 minutes, and then have a 30 minute ultra cavitation treatment, immediately after. Doing both simultaneously as a Weight Loss treatment we have found can possibly help you lose weight faster.

Here is a list of health benefits you can expect from an infra-therapy:

Pain Reliever

Infra-therapy increases blood circulation. In other hands, good blood circulation can help relieve pain; this kind of therapy has a great effectiveness in easing arthritis, muscular, joint pain and many other chronic pains.

Cardiovascular health

Infra-therapy helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase circulation to help normalize blood flow. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Based on research; using an infra-therapy regularly may be as effective for cardiovascular conditioning, just as regular exercise.

Scar healing

With the help of infra-therapy, there is a relative increase in blood circulation, thereby nourishing damaged skin, such as eczema.


Japan’s scientists had reported that infra-therapy helps to expand our body capillaries and initiates the process of dissolving hidden toxins.

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